Professional Organising

Professional Organising services include:

• Home
• Office
• Paperwork management10. Paper Files9. Wardrobe - before & After
• Kitchen
• Menu planning
• Laundry
• Bedroom
• Wardrobe
• Linen
• Toys
• Garage
• Space Planning
• Time Management
• Downsizing
• Relocation
• Special Needs Clientele

Together we will talk about your goals, priorities and expectations. Jane will then assist you in developing a plan to suit you and your lifestyle which can:

8. Tidy Desk Improve efficiency and productivity in the home and office
• Create functional workflow systems in the home and office
• De-clutter your home, space and mind
• De-clutter before you move

Jane can provide you with systems, structures and ideas to help you live the life you want, such as:

• A streamlined, functional kitchen
• Linen cupboard with easily accessible linen
• Alter the room layout to take advantage of optimal space
• De-clutter – too much stuff; clear the space
• Organise paperwork; keep on top of paying bills. Save money.

Areas of organisation:7. Garage workshop

• Home office, kitchen, laundry, spare room, garage, bedrooms, toys, bathroom, etc.
• Help recycle items to charity/garage sales

An initial planning assessment is done in the home. This should take no more than an hour.
From there, an appointment can be made to start the ball rolling.

Blocks of time of 3 – 4 hours can be booked or pay by the hour if preferred.
Packages of more time can be booked in over 2 – 3 months.